Monday, April 7, 2008

lousy blogger with her lousy Yanks and team?

I have to admit one thing. When it comes down to being a blogger, I am a lousy one. Sorry for lack of posts recently. Being busy should not be a legit reason. I always think and check more than twice before posting any opinion because I want to make sure I say something it's worthy to read, otherwise I will just delete it.

One thing I remain pretty consistently is trying post positive somethings about my New York Yankees. Few Yankees(Kennedy, Andy, Mussina, Farnsworth and Hakwins) all have a rough week for sure, but I am not going to go through that. Even more Yankees fans complain about Yankees' 3-3 record and slow offense start. Well, I actually think We will be fine if we get a split with Rays when we win first series with Blue Jays. It's not easy to win a four-games series against any team and it's normal to split them.

I think Kennedy, Andy and Mussina all will be fine for different obvious reasons. As a whole, I like what I saw from our pitching staff. As long as they all stay healthy the whole season, our pitching staff will be better than 2007 for sure. I haven't gotten the point to worry about our offense for sure.

The most impressive thing I got during the first week of 2008 season is the ability to push the right button and recognize his players from Joe Girardi. For example, He put Matsui on the 8th hole on the opening day because of his bad stats against Roy Halladay, but move him behind A-Rod last night after seeing few good swings from him. He also left Wang in the 7th inning on the Opening day, but quickly made a pitching change last night when he recognized Wang was tired in the 7th last night.

We are going to have a good season behind Joe Girardi. I can feel that.


Todd Drew said...

You are a great blogger, Jessica. I really appreciate and depend on your point of view.

Wang was outstanding yesterday. He really came through for us when we needed a win.

yanks26 said...

Wang was an ace yesterday. Joba and Mo were Joba and Mo. You have a good insight into Joe G., that he will be pushing the right buttons this year.

Jessica Lee said...

ACE or not, I really don't care so much actually. I am just glad to see Wang stop our 2-games losing streak. I just like what I see from Wang how he pitch to 6 left-handers hitters Rays put on against him.