Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crazy Yankees fan...

I just finish some works which are due to today without sleeping too much for two days. Of course, I somehow find some time to watch Yankees-Red Sox games. I know, I know. I am crazy, but I think most Yankees fans are the same as me.

I have two more works to do before Monday, so I really need to catch some sleep right now. If you were me who didn't sleep for two days and watched Yankees-Red Sox series, you would certainly feel frustrated at getting news that Yankees lost to Orioles when you just turned on the computer.

There is something wrong in that 6th inning, but it seems to me that Hughes has an improved decent outing. Because Yankees lost this game, I don't think a lot of yankees fans will have positive reaction. Patience, Yankees fans. This is only the 18th game of 2008 season. After sleeping for few hours, I will catch on Hughes' start and figure out what happened while I start doing my other works.

By the way, I catch some interesting news from Taiwanese website regard Wang. I will post them later.

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