Friday, April 18, 2008

Ross Ohlendorf...

I have been said this many times and you guys probably are tired of hearing this. I like the way Joe Girardi manage his lineup and bullpen. I think we will see Moose, Albaladejo, Billy Traber, Kyle and Mo tonight no matter what the score is. I expect Girardi won't overuse bullpen guys.

One more thing I want to address is about Ross Ohlendorf. I have been watched him pitching for a while. Ohlendorf has dominant stuff for sure, but I am not sure he has enough command on his pitches to be effective reliever pitcher. He may need more seasons down AAA. Is it time to give Darrell Rasner or Scott Patterson a shot? or Will you give Ohlendorf more time to gain that experience at the major? How do you guys think?

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