Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Your call?

So, did I tell you to relax a little bit? Mussina pitched great ball game yesterday and Yankees split series with Rays. If we keep taking most of three-games series and split most of four-games series, we will be fine. By the way, we score more than 5 runs, right?

But, the bad news is our captain hurt. They sent Jeter to MRI and didn't know when he is going to play. I think Jeter's injury must be serious enough to concern. Well, If I were Joe Girardi, I would move A-Rod to SS and play Ensberg at 3B. If they don't put Ensberg into lineup under this kind of situation, I don't know why we need Ensberg on the roster. I know it's not easy to make this kind of decision because there is some egos among all star players. We will see how Girardi deal with that.

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