Sunday, April 13, 2008

Game 2 of Yanks at Fenway~This is what I want, I am fine with any outcome

Right now, I am waiting for that damn rain delay. As you guys know, I am in Sydney now, so I am in totally different time zone as where the games have been played. I usually watch games the day after, in the middle of night or early morning, so you guys have to forgive me about the way I update my blog.

I am very sorry about this, but I have to admit. I was falling sleep around 3~5 innings and woke up around 6 innings. I don't know the outcome of this game now, but we got another good pitching performance from Moose who gives us a chance to win as No. 5 pitcher, especially against tough Boston Red Sox lineup. If we get this kind of performance out of Moose the rest of season, we are in great shape.

I won't second guess the decision not to walk Manny under that circumstances, but I do think Joe Torre would walk Manny. I know Youkilis is not Manny, but he is tough out. I don't think we will be in better situation to face Youkilis when bases were loaded, so I am fine with that decision.

I guess Joe Girardi chose to let Moose make the call. I like it. Just like Joe Girardi chose to let Wang pitch complete game last night. I do think Mo would pitch 9th inning last night based on the tight score if Torre were still here.

We are in the position we want. No matter how this game turn out to be, I am fine with that. Top of 8th inning. 2 on, 2 out, A-Rod vs Papelbon. Let's Go Yankees.

P.S. I told you we will be fine if we win the last game vs KC because I know Andy is the man who always come out big for us. I like Joe Girardi playing a lot of small ball recently, especially Yankees' offense is still not there yet. Melky and Molina probably are two outstanding examples for that.

I also like how Girardi manage bullpen. You can see the great example from Kennedy's game at KC. I heard Joe's interview at radio. The reason he eventually let Kennedy pitch because he wouldn't overuse certain bullpen guys. On top of that, In order to hold back Kenndy, you can avoid losing him for just two innings and burning bullpen or risk hurting young pitcher(Kennedy).

By the way, I will post some stuff about Wang's game later after I catch up more sleep and more information from Taiwanese news

Updated: Well, the result didn't turn out too well for us, but it's a overall good game. Let us see Hughes pitching and experience his first rivalry

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