Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ACE? Wang? who cares...

I am not going to keep talking all negative things about my team. Instead, I am going to talk about that great Wang's start. I learned this lesson while I rooted for my favorite Taiwanese pro baseball team who lost a lot. Of course, In the end, they finally won a title. I am not trying to compare Yankees to my favorite Taiwanese pro baseball team, but the reason why those Yankees games are so special and emotional for us because Yankees is our favorite team and we love them. Be happy and enjoy the moment, Yankees fans, especially for my readers.

Before going into my post, go to check this post from Dom Amore's baseball blog. He came up with a theory why Wang was so terrible last ALDS. It seems a lot of people wonder about that as well. My take? No matter the truth of matter is which we never will find out, no excuse. I think Wang will be the same boat on this with me. Sometimes it takes some failures and hits to let people grow up to another level. Wang keep improving and his humble attittude since called up in 2005 which is the most important thing for me. The same goes to Hughes, Kennedy and Joba as well. They won't turn into ACEs overnight. It takes time.

A lot of people start admitting Wang's ACE status. Me? The pitching style Wang has probably never strike 200 peoples out in a season. People always can come up with all different kinds of reasons that he is not ACE. Tons of people will come up to say that once Wang has one bad game. This is just how ridiculous to play for New York Yankees. That's why I always feel you always have to give extra credits for players who can succeed in New York. I don't care whatever people want to call Wang. I am just glad he pitch well on the road and help my Yankees to win another game. According to Molina's words to Taiwanese reporters,"I don't think about no hitter. Only thing I know is that Wang want to win every game so much. I just try to work on that with Wang"

First of all, a lot of people image what would be if Abreu catch that home-run ball. I have different opinion on this possible "no-hitter"stuff. I am glad it turns out this way because this actually increase the chance Wang pitch complete game. If that no hitter still in tact, Wang and Red Sox hitters will approach game differently. When Wang was asked how he felt that home-run after game by Taiwanese media, Wang said, it's his fault to let hitters hit that far and he had great defense all night. He only wants to pitch complete game to help team win.

some tidbits:

According to their manager, Red Sox's game plan against Wang is waiting a sinker which doesn't sink. Unfortunately, they don't get one the whole night.

According to Molina, they threw four-seamers, sinkers, sliders during the game. Wang's sliders, change-ups and splitters are getting better every time out, but it still take more time to become his out-pitch.

According to Wang. The game plan against Papi is throwing a lot of insider pitches. Against Manny? Let him guess the location of pitches(inside or outside)

In the past, He always tries too hard to aim the corner. This year, He just wants to throw strikes and uses different pitches, sequences and locations to confuse Boston's hitters.

The reason for more fly ball outs? He threw more four seamers, but he lost control on sinkers at 5th innings and got command back between innings.

My conclusion? Wang is still improving. So does all the kids.

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