Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why no one pay more attention on defense?

Talk about ugly(ok! maybe not pretty) defense. We really need to tighten our defense, especially when Ensberg at 3B and Giambi at 1B. If we want to have a nice, clean, well-played ball game, we really need to improve at this aspect, especially when you consider how important defense will be in the playoff. When I saw at least couple of rusty defenses from both Ensberg at 3B yesterday and Giambi at 1B yesterday and tonight(7th inning Pop-up/8th inning Thome's RBI Single), I realized how much better A-Rod's defense has been improved since he has joined Yankees.

I am a little bit different than most baseball fans who enjoy watching offense than defense. Actually, I enjoy watching defense at most sports, such as basketball, football.etc. Since I start watching baseball, my Taiwanese team never has a strong offense and we always focus on defense, pitching and small ball. That's why I always pay more attention on defense, pitching and tactics. If you guys expect reading more about offense on my blog, you guys probably won't feel satisfied.

When Posada and Molina recover from their injuries fully, I think we can call up Shelley Duncan to play right fielder or first baseman, But, I like Ensberg playing 1B. I always feel Shelley Duncan play right fielder better than first baseman.

I also think we really need a long reliever in the bullpen. Maybe is it Darrell Rasner's time? I do change my mind about Ross Ohlendorf. Talking about what an idiot I am when I made up my mind too soon. I do think Ohlendorf have potential being a good setup man "if " he can keep improving his command of all pitches.

I am a little bit surprised that Joe Girardi hasn't addressed defense, but I think he will do it later when you consider Yankees have been struggled with their offense so far this season.

Updated: Giambi had few more ugly defense tonight and I was not so impressed by Ensberg's defense as well, but it seems his defense is much better than preview game. Rusty is probably the reason for him, but it certainly is not Giambi's excuse. I miss A-Rod over there.

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