Thursday, April 3, 2008

What a last opening game!

I must start with this off-line stuff because I was smiling when I saw Mo's styling outfit on the post-game interview. Of course, this comes with Mo's signature big smile. Can't image watching Yankees games one day with this guy.

I actually think Halladay pitch better than Wang, but baseball is a team game which it takes every guy on the roster to win. That's why Yankees win this game when Yankees got amazing defense from Melky, Jeter, A-Rod and Giambi, good pitching from Wang, Joba and Mo and enough offense against tough pitcher Halladay.

Even though Wang doesn't look very sharp which would be expected for first start of season, It's still pretty good for me to pitch 7 IP 2ER on only 92 pitches against Halladay's Blue Jays at Opening Day. I am so sick of nonstop doubts toward Wang with variety of reasons. Just give some credits to who deserve it no matter he is an "ACE" or not. The guy know how to win and always give us innings.

Back to the game, How about Wang's 8 ERA for Spring training? Nothing. Wang was pleased at mixing pitches well and pitching inside more after game, including fews sliders, change-ups, splitters that got him few outs. Of course, he credited this win to teammates' great defense behind him.

Joe Girardi is certainly different than Joe Torre when he replaced Candy bar with Loud Music in order to keep bombers happy and healthy. Need more evidences? Girardi went to mound to check with Wang when game was at 2-2 with 2-outs one man on third.

What did he say to Wang? According to Wang, Girardi asked him: "Can you get this last one?" ; Wang answered: " Yes" and Girardi simply tapped Wang and said:"This is your game! Go get them" before leaving the mound. Great manager's job.


yanks26 said...

When Pedro was at his best for the Red Sox, he would always look better than whoever we put out there, but they would match him 0 for 0, until Pedro tired or had to be replaced. Styling points gets you nowhere as Wang matched Halliday until we were able to squeck by.

When was the last time you saw Joe Torre sprint out to the mound to talk to his pitcher?

Jessica Lee said...

great point. That's true. The infielders even didn't have enough time to get to mound before Girardi finish talking.

Todd Drew said...

Mariano did look great in every way!

Anonymous said...

CMW pitched very well, as usual. As the 3rd game (Phil pitching) was playing I was wondering how the naysayers felt. The kids will be a big help to the Yanks this year (I include CMW as a kid) if healthy. We haven't seen IPK (the best of them) yet...hopefully, he will make me look good, for my praise of his ability. 27/08.

Anonymous said...

IPK made me look bad tonight, oh well he'll get it together. He pitched behind all night, that's a big no no. 27/08.

Jessica Lee said...

I am with you,ranger2708.

Yankees' kids will be fine.