Friday, April 18, 2008

Why keep pitching to Manny?

Well, Manny beat us. I know, I exaggerate the fact, but this is probably the truth when you consider the final score is 7-5. You may scream at Television,"Why Yankees keep pitching to him?". I somehow come up with a reasonable theory.

Before going into my theory, I have to say that I understand every game counts even the ones in April. Here we go.

First of all, You can't be a successful athlete if you're not a strong competitor.

Secondly, Yankees need to find a way to get Manny out. You can't find out how to get Manny out if you always pitch around him. One day, We are going to face him at much more important moment and need to get him out, such as games in August, September or playoffs. If all our pitchers don't try to figure out that game plan now(April) and try to execute it now(April), when they are going to find out that game plan. There must be one way to get him out. No one is perfect and Manny's batting Ave is not 1 as well.

As the possibility of signing Manny this off-season, I don't think Red Sox will let him go one way or the other, so there is no point to discuss that. I think Theo will pick up his 2009 option while Manny and Boras may want a longer extension.

PS. It seems I am right on the money. Joe Girardi use Mussina(3IP), Albaladejo(3 IP), Farnsworth(1 IP-New Farnsworth? I mean that scoreless inning) and Traber(2 IP). He also give Mo another day off which is two days in a row. Great Job, Joe.

By the way, I still think Moose will be fine as no. 5 pitcher if he keep pitching like has done so far this season, especially after reconfiguring rotation.

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