Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Red Sox is coming, again

I always trust Andy because I know he will try his best and find a way to come through, but Farnsworth certainly is not on my trusty list for sure. I was sweating all the time during that 8th inning which just last 10 pitches, but it seems it lasts longer than that.

I like the way Joe Girardi manage his starting lineup, but we certainly need a healthy catcher and Shelley Duncan. How can we come away with just 5 runs tonight? I still don't understand it.

I know we are going to play against Boston for another two games, but I really hate to play Red Sox again this soon, especially on April. Wang and Mussina will go for us. When Wang was asked about it by Taiwanese media, he said he understood the situation of bullpen and young pitchers. Therefore, he will try to pitch at least 7 inning every time out. Sound great for me. By the way, has a very nice detailed article about Wang. Click here to check it out, you will understand Wang and Taiwan more after reading it.

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