Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 Subway Series Round 1 Pettitte vs Santana

First of all, This game was started at 3am and ended in 7am in Sydney. When you consider the time of the game, this is good game to watch and keep me away from falling sleep.

I guess a lot of people killing Yankees now. Are you one of them? When they lose games, tons of people jump on them and can't wait to kill them, especially those so called shortsighted "experts". If you come here to read negative things about Yankees, you come to the wrong place.

Do I worry about Andy? No. Based on what I saw today's game, Andy will be fine as long as he is healthy. He just doesn't have luck at all recently. I actually feel Andy pitch better than Santana who is not impressive at all, especially when you consider we don't have Posada and A-Rod in the lineup and tons of our hitters are struggling.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying Santana pitched badly. I have been watched few Santana's games this few years. I just don't think he is the same dominant pitcher and I am glad Yankees don't trade young kids for him. Down the road, maybe 2 years later, this non-trade move by Cashman may make him look like a genius. We will see.

I am glad to see Pettitte going out for 6th inning and finish that inning because it allows Girardi not to pitch Ohlendorf. This is good move when you consider Ohlendorf is the same style of pitcher as Wang(sinker/slider). If Ohlendorf pitch today, this may give Mets' hitters better preparation for tomorrow Wang's game.

I see a lot of good signs from our hitters, such as Jeter, Giambi, Abreu. But, the bottom of lineup is killing Yankees now. Duncan is dead fastball hitter. I think it's time to consider another option down the minors, such as speedy Brett Gardner. If Duncan can't improve and prove he can adjust to breaking pitches, he won't be successful in the major. I also think it's about time to cut Ensberg once A-Rod is back and healthy. Ensberg is not the same player as he was few years ago. As long as we have Alberto Gonzalz for infielders' replacement and Betemit will come back eventually, we should be fine.

I know our bullpen blow the game today, but they can't be good every time out when you consider they have been pitched great recently. That's why I give them a pass today. If Kyle and Joba come out and pitch great next time out, we will be fine.

Good news is A-Rod had his first reb game. If everything goes well, we will see him soon. Can't wait to have him back.

Tomorrow is another big game for Wang. We need to stay close to .500. It seems we say this every time when Wang take the mound. Hopefully, Wang will be able to give us a great game. Talk about pressure.

That's all for now. I need to go back to catch few hours sleep and then finish some works before Monday. I won't be able to watch Game 2 of subway series tomorrow because game will be started at 10am on Monday in Sydney. Hopefully, Without me watching, it may bring Yankees more luck. I always feel it's my fault to bring bad luck to Yankees when I watch Yankees losing games because I am the one doesn't have any luck at all in my life.


Todd Drew said...

I’m not sure what time it is in Sydney, but A-Rod will be back in the Bronx tonight. I hope you can stay up/wake up early to watch.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Todd,
Day game in New York is in middle of night in Sydney and night game in New York is in the morning. I will be able to watch tonight game and expect a good game with A-Rod in the lineup. Actually, I expect every Yankee game is a good game anyway.