Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let's go for 6

I can't believe it, but this is my 200th post. I want to thank everyone for reading my blog. I can't do this without you guys, especially I was frustrated at some incidents early on and almost giving up this blog.

I am keeping one eye on Yankees game because I really need to get something done by tomorrow. It seems to me Rasner start this game well and I am so happy for him. How scare we will be if he can keep pitching well for us the whole season.

By the way, two random thought. First, where they find so many lefty pitching against us? I hate seeing lefty one after another. Secondly, Webb just starts his first two innings against Braves by giving up 5 runs after starting his season 9 wins in a row. It leads me to think baseball is a long season with a lot of up and down for a lot of players, including some slumping Yankees, such as Wang, Pettitte, Kennedy, Jeter, Melky,etc. I have faith on them. I will come back for more. Need to do some works.

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