Thursday, May 8, 2008

Live Blog: CLE@NYY Lee VS Wang

I have been so sick this past week, but I finally get a little bit better today. That's why I am able to write this live blog.

I always feel first two innings are big ones for Wang.

Updated: it turns out I am right. Not look good so far for Yankees, especially when I saw Yankees batting at bottom of 1th inning.
Updated: I believe Wang will settle down after two innings. If Yankees can't score 2 runs for him, well, what can you say?
Updated: Can Yankees please work the count a little bit more? I know it seems Lee has good command today, but still???
Updated: An old saying goes, great pitcher always struggle early. Hopefully, we can get to Lee later on.
Updated: Are we going to score off Lee? Man, it doesn't look good so far. Let me put in another way. Can we at least put couple of men on base?
Updated: If you are one of those guys are leaving and don't want to keep watching this game, you are not true Yankees fan.
Updated: I finally see two Yankees standing on the bases.
Updated: How can't Yankees hit lee when he almost can't throw breaking balls for strikes? Only thing he throw for strikes is fastball which is around 90.
Updated: I will be shocked if I see Wang pitching for 8th inning. Wang didn't pitch badly, but Lee is better. Or, you can say that Yankees' offense sucks. I think Lee has better stuff than Wang today, so I am disappointed at Wang's outing. Indians just don't miss few bad pitches Wang threw. When you see box score and compare Wang's line with Lee's line, you can tell all those stuffs I am talking about. It's tough for being a pitcher, you can lose a game for a bad pitch. Just like C.C. lost that game to Wang two starts ago.
Updated:I like what I saw from Farnsworth and Albaladejo. We are going to have a very good bullpen, especially the way Girardi use them. A lot of pitchers can get tons of confidence. On top of that, we have tons of good pitchers down the minors.
Updated: I don't know the outcome of this game, but I enjoy watching this game because fighting spirit Yankees show me tonight. When you see Captain, Derek Jeter, call strikeout for check swing. By the way, Molina has a outstanding defense night for us.
Updated: Well, as you guys know, we lost the game. Of course, I am not happy with result, but I am not disappointed at watching this game.

P.S. I know I am late for this updated news about Wang's game. Wang told Taiwanese media as follow. This is his fault to lose this game because hitters have nothing to do with the outcome of game. You can't expect them to score a lot of runs all the time even though we have a lot of good hitters on the team. He said he didn't have good command and threw too many balls. He always want to win every game. As usual, he will do his best next time out.

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