Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Subway Series Round 2-Terrible Defense

I was able to catch up this game last night when our Bombers were having a must need off day. I start thinking I may need to root for Red Sox in order to let Yankees win because of my bad luck even though I didn't watch this game live.

Obviously, I know the score before I watch this game. I don't like to do this, but I was shocked by scoreline. That's why I want to find out exactly what happened in this game.

I actually can sum up this game by using a quote from Ichiro Suzuki who is the position player on other teams I like when he was asked the difference between Western Baseball(American Baseball) and Eastern Baseball(Japan, Taiwan, Korea...),(By the way, Roy Halladay is the pitcher on other teams I like and enjoy watching him pitching)

"In Western Baseball, they play to score runs. On the other hand, In Eastern Baseball, we play to prevent other teams from scoring."

I know this quote from some news related to Ichiro. That's why I always pay more attention on pitching and defense. I usually feel more angry at terrible pitching and shoddy defense, not at spotty offense which actually become a big problem for Yankees.

If our Bombers have troubles with scoring runs, would you guys please play better defense? This is exactly what I feel when I watch this game. I was very disappointed at defense of Alberto Gonzalez at 3B and Jason Giambi at 1B. Gonzalez drop two pop-ups and let on potential double play go through his glove(single by Wright) in this series, not to mention the horrible throw from Giambi. Wang didn't pitch well in that inning, but he certainly can get out of that inning without allowing runs or too many runs. I will talk about Wang's performance in another post later on.

On top of that, Ensberg doesn't play good defense at 3B as well. Even if Betemit doesn't get hurt, he is not good at 3B either. This is probably the most happiest thing about the return of A-Rod. I am glad we have our real third baseman back.

You can't win a champion with terrible defense even you have a pitching staff with all strikeout pitchers because you can't expect pitchers strike out all 27 hitters. During playoff, most games probably may be decided by how good your defense is.

I am tired of watching Giambi on 1B because he doesn't have any range and can't throw the ball. Is it time to give Shelley Duncan more playing time to see what he can do offensively? I said on preview post regard for weakness of offense of Shelley Duncan, but it may change if we give him regular playing time, especially when you consider we really need a power right-handed bat.

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