Saturday, May 17, 2008

I know this sound crazily...

We all know our Yankees struggle mighty right now. For me, this is our great chance to fix it and figure out those weakness that stop us from 27th World Series Champion for years.

I know our young pitchers haven't pitched well so far, but we need a depth rotation in order to succeed in October.

I know our hitters haven't hit well so far, but we need our pitchers get used to have fewer runs to work with which will be the situation they face in October.

I know every opponent pitcher become Cy Young Winner against Yankees when they throw strikes, especially those pitch with their left hand. But, we need to learn how to adjust quickly and come up with timing and situational hitting.

I know our starters haven't pitched deep into the game so far and lead Girardi use bullpen a lot, but we need to have a deep bullpen in order to shut down opposition late in the game. It's time to find the diamonds in our farm system.

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