Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We are not going to win every game the rest of season...

I have a few minutes break from my works I need to be done in 2 hours. We already played one -third of 2008 season. My first impression is AL East going to be the toughest division in the major this season. Our bombers are going to have a big task on their hands to get into playoff.

I have no problem on sending Damon home on Matsui's single with two out because we have to take chances to score first run of ballgame. You never know what will happen. It may only take one run to win this ballgame. On top of that, I don't trust Shelley Duncan on that spot. The more I saw Shelley Duncan playing, the more I believe he couldn't hit well enough in the major because he can't deal with breaking pitches. Don't get me wrong, I like Shelley's passion and energy, but it seems that's not enough if he keep hitting like this. I sad this before, I think we should consider to let Shelley figure out in minor if we can't give him enough playing time. But, again, Ensberg doesn't hit well as well. That's why we keep having problems with lefty.

I also don't have problems on pitching Veras and Hawkins. Girardi is right. We can't use the same guys everyday and blow out their arms. Others in the bullpen have to step up. If Joba is still in the bullpen, we never find out who is his replacement. Some people may say we may not lose this game if Joba is there. Come on, guys. Even though Joba and Mo pitch three scoreless innings, it doesn't guarantee we are able to score one run to tie the game. Even if we tie the game in the 9th inning, we are still going to lose this game later if the rest guys in the bullpen can't step up. In my opinion, our bullpen is fine. You can't expect them to be perfect all the time. They have been pitched very well this season. Not to mention we have more capable arms down the farm system.

This is one of those games you tip your cap to opposition pitchers and move on to the next game. If we somehow can win next two games to keep winning series, we will be fine. We are not going to win every game the rest of season. But, damn, Can we stop making every lefty like a Cy Young winner? Brian Cashman really have to figure out to get us some good or great right handed batters before trading deadline while we are waiting for the return of Posada. At least, he has to do that this off-season.

The brightest spot of today game is Rasner pitching well. It seems to me we find another good arm(Rasner). Unfortunately, we couldn't score for him. This sounds a familiar problem, right? In my opinion, we haven't came out this offense slump yet.

I can't wait to see Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Rasner, Joba, Hughes and Kennedy all pitching well at the same time. We are going to beat a lot of opponents. I expect Wang and Pettitte picking up their games when the weather is heating up. Not enough spot? Are you kidding me? I just hope they all stay healthy. It's not going to hurt to give Mussina, Joba, Hughes and Kennedy extra rest once a while. It's also not going to hurt to not to overextend Wang and Pettitte's outings as well.

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