Monday, May 26, 2008

Sweep! Yes

Are you one of those Yankees fans giving up after Mariners extend their lead to 5? I am not. If you were one of those persons, you would miss one of great Yankees come front behind victory.

First of all, Wang didn't look good and pitch well and I believe more people come out to kill Wang today. I just hope this outing result from extra day rest, not his injury right calf. As we all know, Pitchers need their legs under them and right leg is Wang's push-off leg. We couldn't offer to lose Wang to extend period of time.

Secondly, I am surprised at seeing that Wang went out to pitch 7th inning when you consider his pitch count(almost 100) after 6 innings, his slight right calf injury and his terrible command during the whole game. I have faith on our bullpen. Why not make sure not to overextend Wang and keep him healthy for the whole season?

Clearly, Wang was tired when I saw him giving up two hard hit balls in the 7th inning. Girardi should make a change when Wang give up that line drive off Jeter's glove. Furthermore, Girardi should go to Edwar for strikeout once Wang gave up second hit and put runners on second and third bases. I don't get it. I think Girardi should not push starters too hard which is opposite problem for Joe Torre who always push bullpen too hard.

I was very surprised and disappointed at the performance of Ichiro as well. I never thought I would see Ichiro playing like his mind is off-field. For example, Ichiro should be able to throw out Matsui for Cano's sacrifice fly and he should be able to catch Monlina's double. I may set the standard too high for Ichiro.

By the way, Can we please get a real first baseman? I told you guys before, I think Duncan play better as right outfielder than as first baseman. But, please don't tell me Giambi.

I am so happy to see Yankees going back to .500 for this exciting come from behind victory, but I wish I just worry too much about Wang.

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