Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I told you so...

Follow me to repeat this word "DEFENSE". You can't win a champion without "decent" defense. You can see the reaction from Jeter toward Cano who is supposed to be on second base to receive the force, but Jeter should take some blame for high throw to first base as well. Damon also lost a flyball.

Most people always say, Pitchers should pick up his teammates after errors. In my opinion, Pitchers are human beings as well, how come you can expect them to keep their emotion in check every time when position players make errors, especially when you consider if those errors lead to runs.

But, Of course, Moose and Jeter doesn't point their fingers to anyone else but themselves. I believe they will turn this around from their reactions after the game.

When we feel good about the return of A-Rod, Jeter gets hit on his hand whose status is listed day to day.

Can this be our turning point of season? I hope so. Oh, By the way, A-Rod hit a two run homer and it seems Edwar Ramirez is a real deal.


Todd Drew said...

They will tighten up the defense and pound out some hits and runs tonight.

Jessica Lee said...

I always faith on them and that's why I keep watching games as much as I can, but sometimes I really need to express my frustration. I always is a Yankees fan. Let's Go Yankees!