Thursday, May 22, 2008

That's why you need to keep watching game...

I have to talk about Mets first. I hate those Mets dancing and act cockily when they won two games against us at Yankees Stadium. That's why I am so happy to hear they got swept by Brave, especially Johan Santana can't be their stopper while Kennedy pitch well at the same day. I know it's only one day and Santana still pitch pretty well so far this season.

I am always the one only care about how Yankees performance. The reason I am so mad because I heard Willie Randolph saying "You can't assume getting the same offense against Braves like we did against Yankees when you consider what kind of pitching staff Yankees have " when he was asked by reporters before Santana's start why Mets' offense have been struggle mighty against Braves. Don't get me wrong. I like Willie Randolph, but why say this kind of words("What kind of pitching staff Yankees have")?

I believe that most Yankees fans like me have faith on our team and that's why we keep watching games. Those games in the past week you hope you miss them, but these 4 games this week you better not to miss. It seems that first game against Orioles will be our turning point of the season, right?

One thing Todd is right on the money,

They will tighten up the defense and pound out some hits and runs tonight.

They certainly play good defense, pitch well, and score some runs at the last couple of games. But the thing I like the most is tactics from Joe Girardi. For example, Girardi play hit and run at the 2-1 game that leads to first run of game. He also put Kennedy in the spot which he has to work out of his own trouble in the 6th inning. I like this and he is right. I think Girardi said, "he can't expect to be rescued all the time". This is the way to let young pitchers grow up.

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