Saturday, May 10, 2008

talk about ugly game

It's amazing how I can stay watching this whole Igawa's game when you consider how sick I have been this whole week. I have to admit I give Igawa up when I saw the way he pitch. Would Yankees please let anyone else pitch at Igawa's next turn against Ray? Anyone? How worse that person can be than him? It kills me watching him on the mound.

Can Yankees stop letting every opponent pitcher look like Cy Young, especially when you consider how bad Tigers' pitching staff have been? On top of that, both teams play some ugly defense all night as well.

Updated: I am glad I keep watching the whole game and didn't give up even though we didn't come from behind, but at least we let Tigers sweat in the 9th inning. Man, When I saw Shelley Duncan line out, I miss A-Rod at that spot. It also seems Cano warm up little by little which is good news for us. On top of that, We also got great performance from our bullpen again, but the bad news is Albaladejo is hurt. Can we please close the gate toward to DL party?

P.S. If you ask my opinion, I rather have Gonzalez than Betemit. I am always the one pay more attention on defense and pitching than offense, especially when you consider Betemit can't hit well as a right-handed hitter.


yanks26 said...

I'm with you on never wanting to see Igawa pitch again. My prediction is that Chase Wright will get the next game rather than Ian Kennedy. Wright's on the 40 man roster, he pitched last night, which means he's lined up perfectly for the start. Also the Yanks want Kennedy to regain his confidence, and having pitched only 1 game (superbly) he isn't totally back yet. Wright, frankly is more expendable. If he gets bombed, the Yanks aren't as worried about his physche than they are about Kennedy's.

I'd rather have Alberto Gonzalez than Betemit also. Hopefully they're showcasing Betemit to the Pittsburgh's of the world for a trade. He didn't help his trade value with his butchery in the field last night.

Jessica Lee said...

Sorry about lack of posts recently resulted from my illness.

Even though I rather have Alberto Gonzalez than Betemit, this is not the way I wish.