Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pitching is so hard...

This is my thought recently when it comes down to our young pitchers. I know they are struggling now, especially when you consider Hughes is even on the DL and Johan Santana is coming for Subway Series. But, we need to be patience. I am not sure who will pay off eventually among all the young pitchers we have, but I have faith on them.

Pitching is so hard. You can lose a game when you miss few pitches. Look at Kennedy's last start as an evidence.

I always remember Everyone talk about no.3 is Wang's highest ceiling when he just call up. I always remember Yankees almost trade him with Cano to get Randy Johnson. Every year, Yankees have their chance to trade Wang to a lot of stars, such as Zito, Beckett, Santana. But, they didn't do it. You may still want to do it, but I am not with you.

I always remember Myers said:"Wang won 19 games without knowing how to pitch." Wang still get long way to go and get a lot of stuffs need to improve on. For example, he need to learn how to read hitters, how to pitch, command all his pitches(sinkers, sliders, fastball, splitters, changeup), how to pitch better when there are men on bases.

But, Is it glad to see our homegrown Yankees' pitchers grow in front of our eyes? I have faith on them. Do you?


Brad said...

No I don't and history isn't on their side. Great for Wang but I'd rather have Beckett. He is a big game pitcher. Hughes doesn't matter much right now because he has spent most of his MLB time on the DL so no matter how good he looked in AAA it doesn't translate to the bigs. As for IPK he isn't going to scare anyone. He is small, he throws low 90's and he is afraid of MLB hitters. We should have traded him.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear brad,

I rather have Wang and Cano than Beckett. On top of that, We have to take Lowell with Beckett when we really didn't have position for him at that moment.

I am not just talking about Hughes, Kennedy. I have faith on farm system. I understand not every young pitcher will pay off, but it will be very successful if we can produce few among them.

If you talk about Santana's deal, We have to trade Kennedy, Melky and Wang and one other prospect for him. I won't do this deal, especially when you consider we won't be able to sign Pettitte if we trade them for Santana.

Jessica Lee said...

Anyway, brad.

Is this your first comment on my blog? Thanks for reading and coming by. Hopefully, I will see you more here.

No matter what will happen, we are all Yankees fans, aren't we? Let's Go Yankees.