Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome back,Wang!!!

Obviously,I am a Wang's fan as you guys can image for apparent reason.I am not in Taiwan,but I would like to say "Welcome back,Wang!!"

Wang just got home yesterday.I couldn't even put the word how popular he is.Most of yankees fans couldn't image why he is so popular in Taiwan,even in the whole Asian countries.I just give you guys a link( and let you guys feel it by yourself.This is the website which the Nike company in Taiwan just put online.After you enter this website,there are three moving squares.Please choose the left one of three ones and one bigger square will pop out.You guys can press play button.This is the short film Nike make about Wang.The main idea is "keeping Believe Wang".I know most of you guys don't understand chinese, but I believe you guys can feel it and understand the idea of film.You also can see some valuable pictures of Wang when he was a child and how he looks like a ballplayer.

I am not going to say anything good thing about Wang.I know he had terrible playoff in 2007.All Taiwanese admit that.Tons of reporters in the press conference ask him how he feel about playoff and how to improve that.Most yankees fans couldn't image how much pressure Wang has except tons of pressure from Yankees fans,media,coach staff,and teammates.Why?He is pride of Taiwan.All Taiwanese want him to be great.He has to be successful.Taiwan is small island consist of 2,300 ten thousand people with tons of difficulties involving with China.It's so rare to have this kind of successful baseball player in MLB.That's why.

There is one main point during the whole press conference.Wang blames himself so badly for costing Yankees playoff games(which he did) and Torre's job.He watched tapes again and again after playoff and tried to find out the reason.He even watched the rest of playoff games because he want to learn from other pitchers.He also wants to stay with Yankees forever.I know this is Yankees' decision not him.Most yankees fans can't wait to give him one-way ticket out of town after this playoff,but you guys(I am a yankees fan too,but not one of those want him out) may regret one day.(I may be wrong about that,but time will tells)Why?because of talent??no.Because of work ethic,loyalty and humble attitude Wang has,this will make him great barring injury.

In conclusion,I always keep believing every yankees players and They will win next season.Let's go Yankees!Let's Go 27.


Ben said...

Jessica, I don't think most Yankees fans would like to get rid of Wang. They know that without Wang, the Yankees would not have made the playoffs in 2006 and 2007 -- no question. He had a tough time against Cleveland, but so did everyone else . . . .

Jessica Lee said...

I am glad to hear what you said,but it amazed me how many yankee fans ask for trading wang or are willing to give up Wang almost on any trade.They even choose to give up Wang before giving up Kennedy.