Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank God!Mo is back!!!

I couldn't image Mo wear another uniform.Take one step further.I couldn't image I will watch Yankees games without Mo.I know that day will come eventually,but I don't want to face that day now.It is shame that a lot of Yankees fans even think about letting Mo go and finding another replacement during the whole negotiation process.I read an article that a source close to Mo said"Mo will sign 2 years plus one option year from beginning".I think the reason for pending offer is Mo was in Dominican Republic.Without questions,Mo and Posada are true Yankees.

I always look forward to hearing "enter sandman" when I watch Yankees games every time out.I always laugh at how humor Mo is during interview.I always remember the interview on Michael Kay show.Michael Kay asked Mo:Have you ever passed mirror and then said to yourself "OH!YA!I am the greatest closer in the MLB".Mo said:"No,I never think I am the best closer in the MLB,but you may pass mirror and said I am the best broadcaster" HA!How humor and classic guy Mo is.Mo treats himself as a leader of bullpen and always put team in front of individual.Welcome come back,Mo.

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Todd Drew said...

I agree, Jessica. Mariano is the leader of the bullpen, the leader of the pitching staff and, along with Derek, one of the leaders of the team.