Monday, June 16, 2008

This is not funny at all

I don't think any Yankees fan can enjoy this 5-1 road trip at all after watching that 6th inning. Only thing we can do right now is praying for Wang and our bombers. I hope this is not a series injury and Wang only miss few starts. I think Cano sum up this whole Wang's injury perfectly,

He is the guy we need in our team.

From what I saw and what I heard, it doesn't look good at all. First of all, Wang need help off the field. Secondly, the reaction I got from Joe Girardi is very telling. Does this injury result from the one Wang had earlier in the Met game? I speculate that injury never completely healed. Otherwise, how come he can injury his foot like that?

If I have to guess now, I don't think Wang's injury is the same as Burney's one because Wang points to his toe and makes a "twist" gesture to trainer. I think he fractures his toe, so he may be out 6~8 weeks which is not good at all.

This is the latest video I can find from Taiwanese news channel(Thanks to TVBS). You can fast forward to around 30 second to see the video when Wang left the club after the game.


Todd Drew said...

I just want the big guy to get healthy. I hope it’s September, but I don’t want him to rush it. We need him at the top of this rotation for years to come.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't want Wang to rush it too, but every Taiwanese knows it kills Wang to stay there without playing on the field and helping his team to win. We all know he will do his best to come back as soon as he can.