Monday, June 23, 2008

I can't believe what I just said...

You know, I was worried about Kyle Farnsworth after getting hit by that ball. It really sounds crazy, but this is exactly how I felt and I am not going to lie about it. I said this before and I will say this again. We will never find out who is the Joba's replacement if Joba is still in the bullpen. Without questions, we all know how important the decision is to move Joba into the starting rotation, especially after Wang's injury.

I start realizing we use Mo's standard to judge Kyle Farnsworth. It's not fair. We need every arm we can get to help out our bullpen, especially when you consider we lose Wang who is inning eater.

By the way, Andy is the man, right? Sometimes you just feel more comfort when you see someone on the mound. Andy is one of them on my list. Of course, Mo sits on top of my list. I just never feel nervous when they are on the mound. How cool it is if Mo wins Cy Young Award and Moose finally has his 20 wins season?

I actually feel fine Yankees finish 4-2 during this homestand. We are not going to win every game as long as we keep winning most of series.


Todd Drew said...

Kyle Farnsworth has helped us win a bunch of games this year and he will help us win a bunch more before it’s over. His control has been good and he’s really pitching well. A couple of solo home runs when we have big leads isn’t the end of the world.

He’s also tough and I don’t think a few stitches will keep him down long, which is good because we need him.

Jessica Lee said...

If Kyle saw what we just said, he won't be upset about Yankees fans at all.