Saturday, June 14, 2008

We are in business

We are in business. Cool. We are in great shape if we can take one of 2 games left against Astros which will give us another series win when Red Sox seems to struggle on the road. So much for Joba to add some offense for bombers, right? I was laughing so hard during Joba's at bat. There is big difference between Western culture and Asian culture. When Joba and Wang talk about their hitting, they just show totally different attitude.

My heart almost stops during the whole Kyle's saving 9th inning. Good luck for us because Astros make all kind of stupid mistakes. They try their best to help Kyle out for save 1th since 2006. Good sign, right? When you consider Kyle got that save against Red Sox at Fenway Park in 2006, Yankees may have a great 2008 season. Once again, I just can't image to watch Yankees game without Mo.

I am listening to the game, so I can't tell this is truth or not. Maybe you guys can tell me. I have two concerns regard of Yankees. First of all, where is our offense? We score 3, 4, 4, 2 in our last 4 games. It's good to win 3 out of 4 and our pitchers pitch well, but where is our offense? Is it just the case that opposite pitchers pitch well? Does Chacon pitch well? Secondly, Do we need to concern about Posada's shoulder? Is he ok? Astros stole bases on Joba or on Posada?


New York said...

Finally being 2 games over .500 is a relief, but the offense is concerning. I think we should be fine and hopefully we can break out of this slump against the Astros, who are currently in a cold streak as a whole team, having lost 12 of 15.

Jessica Lee said...

Offense is a concern. That's for sure, but we will be fine as long as we keep pitching well.