Friday, June 20, 2008

We will be fine without Wang

I have faith in Yankees. I actually think Yankees will be fine without Wang. There are so many talented players on our Yankees team. They know how to fight. They know how to complete. They won't give up. They believe themselves they will come through. That's why they always find a way to get into playoff. There is no more evidence than Yankees just swept back-to-back series. Don't get me that weak-NL-team theory because it's still very difficult to sweep a series. On any given day, one team is very capable of beating the other team.

Baseball is a team sport. It needs every one's effort to win a ball game. Unlike basketball, you may only need Michael Jordan to win a game. If our bombers keep hitting like they're now, we will be fine with whoever replace Wang's spot, but sometimes pitching has some impact on hitting as well. This brings the arguments I think the few differences between whoever replace Wang's spot and Wang.

The first difference is the comfort level Wang will bring with him for Yankees fans and his teammates whenever he takes the mound. We probably sweat a lot more during games whoever take Wang's spot.

The second difference is the amount of innings Wang provide for team. Without Wang, Pettitte becomes the only one we can count on more innings because Joba, Rasner, Mussina and whoever take Wang's spot are all 6-innings pitchers. This will burn out our bullpen eventually. This is bad news. The good news is we have a lot of more options down the farm system for relief pitchers, so it may work out pretty well.

Yankees have a very good schedule in June and July. The real test will come when they have to face tough opponents.

If my vote counts, I hope Yankees stay calm and give kids in our farm system a chance to show themselves. You never know we may find another Wang like we did in 2005. Of course, if price is right and not high, I am not against picking someone who can eat some innings before trading deadline.

One thing I know for sure is we can't afford to take another hit on our rotation. I am thinking about this. If Yankees get into playoff and Wang come back in time around September, we will have a strong rotation, including Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Joba, Hughes, Rasner. Sound great for me.

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