Friday, June 13, 2008

up and down

Do I sum up the 2008 Yankees season well? I think one Yankee puts in word better than mine. That's our captain, Derek Jeter. Jeter said, we have been consistently inconsistent.

Our Bombers are not able to put everything together. Different pitchers struggle at different time. Kennedy and Hughes struggle in April and then Wang and Pettitte struggle in May. The same goes to our hitters as well. They are not able to score runs to support our pitchers.

Obviously, we don't look like a championship team. In fact, we even don't look like a contender at all at this moment. But, who cares? That's why they need our fans to support them, right? I am going to give you all the stats to tell you why Yankees will come back. I trust them and support them no matter what. Let's Go Yankees!

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