Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some random thought...

****What Yankees fans are doing when they don't have Yankees games to watch? Well, we pay attention on Red Sox and Mets games, aren't we? We should just focus on our team, but it's hard to blame us when we have free time, right?

****After watching Red Sox-Diamondbacks game, I know one thing for sure, Joe Girardi is not the only manager in the major who decides to pitch to Manny when game is on the line even though I am fine with that decision. Why manager of Diamondback decide to pitch to Manny when you lead 2-1 in the 8th inning, second and third with 2 outs, first base open and Lowell on deck? Talk about crazy move. This one is true one than the one Joe Girardi has. How about taking Haren out when he hadn't pitched more than 100 pitches?

****After watching Mets-Mariners game and Dice-K's first game back from DL, I know one thing for sure, I am glad Brian Cashman is our GM who doesn't do everything without thinking. Santana will be a great pitcher in few years, but we won't miss him down the road. Giving up grand slam to a AL pitcher and blaming teammate about making error behind him after the game. How about his defense? Who gave him that gold glover last year? I also notice Dice-K's velocity is way down. We all know the command will be the problem for pitchers who just come back from DL. But when you see their velocity is not there, you know there is something you need to worry about, especially when you consider Dice-K comes back from shoulder injury and the long history of pitching crazily long back to Japan.

****I read couple of news about how well Yankees' starters have been since Wang's injury. Guys, Don't get too excited too soon, when you consider Wang's turn just comes up once and Yankees is on soft schedule which they faces a lot of weak hitting NL teams. Don't get me wrong. I am happy every one pitches so well and can't wait to have the happy problem which we have too many starters when Kennedy will be back in July, "Pavano" and Hughes in August and Wang in September.

****When you talk about crazy fans, I think Yankees fans can be included on the list. Don't forget Taiwanese fans as well. Some Taiwanese start dreaming that Wang does his rehab games for Taiwan national team in 2008 Olympic in Beijing. Crazy!

****I will keep updating Wang's news I get from Taiwanese news. Basically, Yankees teammates keep teasing Wang because he hurts himself by running bases. But, they all keep eyes on him when he is on the trainer's room the whole day. Trainer and Wang seems to have confidence in beating the time.

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