Thursday, June 12, 2008

Throw Strikes

It's funny how things work out. During the past winless 6 weeks, Wang hadn't pitched as bad as his line. Of course, Wang didn't pitch well during this stretch, but he also ran into some bad lucks. When Wang finally won his 7th game yesterday, I think he was not pitching as good as his line. But, I know one thing for sure. Even though his strike-ball ratio is not good, he only walks 2 and gets the out when he needs it. This is the step to the right direction. Hopefully, Wang can command his sinkers better while he mixes other pitches well.

I said this at the beginning of season. Since the end of last season, this is Wang's transition period. Wang may go through some rough time when he tries to use all his pitches and learns how to mix them well, such as this past 6 weeks. But, we certainly can see what Wang can do from the first month of season. Glad to see Wang making adjustment. This is the photo below from Taiwanese newspaper(apple news) when they break down Wang's delivery. Of course, I translate Mandarin into English.

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