Friday, June 20, 2008

Wang's reaction about injury

I don't think you guys are able to watch Wang's interview about his injury. Wang doesn't get too much television time which he likes anyway. Wang enjoys flying under the radar without catching anyone attention. Sometimes I really doubt how well Yankees fans know about Wang.

You guys probably get few prints about Wang's reaction, such as Larry Bowa and Ron Guidry's words. Wang's injury is a huge news in Taiwan. I know and notice this even though I am not in Taiwan. My friends told me Wang's interview is everywhere. In Taiwan, there is even a news about Wang's parents' reaction. Wang's parents said, every Taiwanese walks past them on the street and says to them"We are praying for Wang".

I will talk about my feeling about Wang's injury on another post. Here we goes, this is Wang's interview. I try to sum it up as much as I can.

Wang apologies to Yankees, his teammates and fans about injuring himself and causing problems. He blames himself about getting hurt and not able to help Yankees.

Wang actually thought injury would be much worse than the one he has now. Before taking MRI in New York, he worry so much about the possibility of breaking bones or ligament which will end his season for sure. He actually breathe a sigh of relief after knowing that he "only" tears ligament.

When he was asked how he feels about his injury by Taiwanese reporters, Wang said, "Being on the field and playing game is the thing make a athlete happy. I am so upset when I know I can't play on the field and help my team win."

By the way, Wang says he will go to ballpark and root for his teammates everyday. One Taiwanese reporter asked how about when Yankees go on their road trips? Wang said, I don't think Yankees will allow me to follow them. During Yankees-Padres series, Wang actually go to ballpark early everyday and stay with them until game ends.

Of course, He said he will do everything he can, rehab everyday and come back as soon as he can.

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Todd Drew said...

Thanks for the information, Jessica. I know Wang will come back stronger than ever.