Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't tell me Reyes is better than Jeter

When you look at the way Jose Reyes play offensively and defensively, there is no way I will take Reyes over Jeter. I know Jeter's age, range, potential, power, etc... But, I will take Jeter every day. Why? Jeter is winner with right attitude who always play the game in the right way. I won't get too far to say Reyes loses this game for Mets because you never can predict what will happen in the baseball game. If Reyes didn't get pickup and Wright was still at the plate, I believe Pettitte will be careful and pitch around Wright with two out. You can say Yankees win this game because their outstanding pitching from Pettitte, Veras, Farnsworth, and Mo or Mets' offense is bad.

Santana didn't pitch badly, but Pettitte is better. You know what, Some players sometimes have sexy stats all over the paper, but they can't get the job done for whatever reasons. In contrast, some players don't have those "wow" number and a lot of so called "experts" rank them overrated. But, they are winner. They know how to get the job done. It seems they always figure out the way to win ball game. Right now, Jeter, Mo, Posada, Pettitte, Wang, Melky, Damon, Giambi and Molina are on my list. Unfortunately, A-Rod is still on his way to my list. By the way, Who else is on your list?

After hearing post-game interview from Santana, this is my reaction. Last time, Santana complained about the error Wright made for that grand slam. This time, He blamed umpires for this game. Stop complaining, Santana. I am glad we don't trade him. Depend on what I saw and what I hear so far, Santana's attitude won't fit to play for Yankees. If he can't survive under spotlight, I don't care how good he is. He won't be a good piece on our Yankees team. From this point on, Cashman shoudn't let any player leave once they prove they can survive in New York. By the way, Basically, Santana is a 6-innings pitcher now in the National league. I couldn't image how well he will perform in AL East for 6 more years.

I learn one thing when I was studying in California few years ago. I don't learn this from Taiwanese culture. When you make mistakes, only thing you need to do is to admit it, correct it and work hard for improvement for next chance.

By the way, How beautiful it is to watch Mo pitching, Melky catching and Cano smiling. Great day in Yankeesland.


Todd Drew said...

Derek Jeter is Mr. New York.

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