Sunday, January 6, 2008

Santana episode...

As I wrote earlier regarding Santana,I still think Twins will deal Santana before spring training and Yankees remain the best suitor for him. Even though adding Santana to Yankees can form a strong pitching staff, I still hope Yankees not to make this trade. Twins will take a big risk which Santana may get hurt if they wait trading deadline or draft picks.

Hank Steinbrenner talks about Santana again. I still believe Hank and Cashman will trade for Santana at right price, so they are waiting Twins to come back to them. That's why Hank keep talking to media regard to Santana because they want Twins to know they are still interested in and they also don't want Red Sox to get Santana at cheap price if they don't get him. If Hank want Santana this badly, He can overrule Cashman during winter meeting. If he chose to listen to Cashman during winter meeting, there is no reason for him to overrule Cashman now. There are three quotes from Hank Steinbrenner below and lead me to believe the more Twins wait, the less Yankees want to make this trade. Yankees may be in Santana trade now for driving up Red Sox's price and forcing Twins to keep Santana. We all have experience on shopping. Most of stuff we bought are on impulses. The more we wait, the less we want to buy,right?

"An offer hasn't been put back on the table"

"But because of the players involved, I wouldn't be crying if we don't get it done."

The reason to not to bring back Roger Clemens in 2008"We're moving in a different direction."

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