Friday, January 25, 2008

Cano's long term deal.....

How about Wang??? Just kidding.... Nice signing for Yankees if it is true(not official yet).....This is nice gesture for Yankees front office to show their prospects on their farm. Basically, they tell them you guys are very important for us. If you perform well, you will get nice reward.

Cano also shows his ability to make adjustment when opponents make adjustments to him. The proof is he doubles the walk total in 2007. From Business perspective, it saves money for long run. Even though money is not an issue for Yankees, it doesn't mean they don't need to save money.

In addition, if Yankees want to trade Cano in the future, this 6-years deal will be a big plus for Yankees and his trading partnesr because other teams don't have to worry about arbitration years and the possibility Cano will be a free agent soon.

As for Wang, he will have his long term deal eventually as long as he stays healthy. We certainly can't blame Yankees for concern of pitcher's healthy. Of course, it's nice for Wang to have long term deal on his hand. No matter Wang gets long term deal or not, he always works hard and wants to improve himself. You can see that when he fought back to pitch again from injury in 2005. One more proof, Wang left Taiwan today after he just got his visa few days ago. When I saw news from Taiwanese media, he is in top shape. From a Taiwanese standpoint, It's better for Wang gets into free agent earlier and gets his salary rising every year.

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