Sunday, January 27, 2008

Really? WoW

I read this piece about 2008 Yankees Bullpen by Steven Goldman from The point I want to bring it up is this part:

The replacement won't be LaTroy Hawkins, who had a low strikeout rate in front of a terrific defense last year. Want to measure the difference between Derek Jeter and a good glove at short like Troy Tulowitzki? Last year, right-handed batters hit .097 when they pulled a grounder to the left side off of Hawkins. By comparison, Chien-Ming Wang allowed an average of .163 on grounders to the right side.(Goldman later said it was his mistake. He means left side) It doesn't sound like much, but we're talking about a lot of extra runs.

My question for you guys is “Is Jeter’s defense this bad?” I am not one of statistics guys. That’s why I search my mind and try to recall my memory. My answer? I have to say this first, I haven’t watched Troy Tulowitzki playing too much, so I couldn’t compare him with Jeter. I think Jeter’s defense slip a little bit in 2007 because of series of injury. Once Jeter stays healthy in 2008, I think Yankees will be fine.

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