Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's wrong with Yankees recent years in playoff????

Most people keep saying lack of Ace pitchers is the reason why Yankees couldn't do well in playoffs recent years. I disagree with that. I think the reason is the combination of defense, offense, starting pitchers, bullpen, manager and mental approach.

Let's make it simple. I won't throw you guys tons of stats. This is just my observations.

Defense... Somehow come up with better(maybe average) defense

Offense... Do better on situational hitting, such as moving runner and sacrifice fly or bunt,etc...

Starting pitchers... Better no.3~5 starters(create depth of rotation)

Bullpen...Throw strikes

Manager...Better in-game tactics(I love Joe Torre. Don't get me wrong, but this is his weakness)

Mental approach... Relax. Having fun on playing games . Don't think we must win and put too much pressure on yourselves. I think this is the reason why Red Sox can win 2 champions in 4 years. In 2008, this won't be easy for them to repeat since more pressure and expectation on them. If Yankees somehow become a underdog team this season, this may help us out on this perspective

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