Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finally...Here come ending of Santana's episodes...Hopefully...

I was about going to write something else, but Santana trade news came out. I have mixed feeling and reactions about this Santana trade. That's why it took me so long to write about this trade.

First of all, you guys know my stand which I am glad to hear that Yankees keep all their kids. I don't know how kids from Yankees, Red Sox and Mets will perform in the future and how well Santana will pitch the rest of his career, so I am not going to justice this trade. But, I just feel Twins will regret not to take Hughes and Melky deal from Yankees when they have that chance at the winter meeting.

Secondly, I am right Twins have to deal Santana before season starts, but I am wrong on Yankees will get Santana because obviously I miscalculate two things which Cashman didn't make any offer at all and how badly Twins wants to send Santana out of AL.

I am more curious about some details. Did you guys surprise at Yankees didn't make any offer at all even though Santana may end up with Red Sox? I guess Yankees really change their philosophy. Did you guys surprise at Twins take Mets' offer instead of Red Sox's offer? I guess Twins really want to send Santana out of AL. Does it mean Nathan on the trade block?

I can't stop thinking how dominant Santana will be in the NL. How many AL pitchers are glad to see Santana out of AL CY young race when how many NL pitchers hate to see Santana joining their NL CY young race.

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