Friday, January 25, 2008

Hank Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman........

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New episodes between Hank Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman keep coming. Well, most of you guys probably think I hate Hank Stein's big mouth, don’t you? How come he just can't stop talking? I disagree with that. I like the combination of Hank and Cashman.

My major is Mass communication and had worked at TV Station for few years. From Public Relations’ standpoint, Hank does his part. Hank shouldn't refuse to answer reporters' questions and shouldn’t refuse not to take any opportunity of public exposure for entertainment purpose. Sport is part of entertainment businesses. As an old saying goes among entertainment businesses, no news is bad news.

But, I really don't think there are many conflicts between Hank and Cashman as news implied. Some people like to face media and others don't. Cashman understands his boss and let him talk. They also may just play their supposed roles in front of media. Cashman is acting as the one doesn’t want to trade prospects. Hank is acting as the one want to make a trade with Twins. In the End, If Yankees make a trade with Twins, they may just try to lower the price they need to pay. On the other hand, If Yankees don’t make a deal for Santana, they may just want to drive up Red Sox’s price or increase the chance for Twins to keep Santana.

I have been worked with different investors as a film producer. There is no way you can get investors who just give you money without saying a word or making any decision. The only difference is how much investors get involved and how much they reveal to media. As a film producer, when you have big budget to work with, you try to make films as good as possible. No film producers will ever complain too much money to spend because you never have enough money. In contrast, when you have small budget to deal with, you try your best to make it work. Ultimately, When you are on your film premiere, no one care how much money you spend. Only thing they talk about is your film and how good or bad it is.

The same goes to Cashman. People only care what he has done when Yankees win a champion. That’s why I don’t think money will be the reason Cashman wants to leave when people say Cashman wants to go to smaller market teams in order to show his true ability. He couldn’t find any better boss like Steinbrenner family who is willing to spend money on their team.

It seems Hank, Hal and George all share power in decision making. There is always more than one person to make decisions nowadays, especially for big companies. This just shows Cashman is good fit for Yankees because he has dealt with this problem well.

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