Monday, January 14, 2008

My Favorite Taiwanese Pro Basseball Team May come Back....

I told some Taiwanese baseball history before. Go to check it out if you miss out and have some interest to know a little bit. In Taiwan, People love baseball which is the most popular sport not just because of Wang. Japan, Korea, and Taiwan remain the most powerful baseball countries in the Asian. However, gamble scandal keep damaging the foundation of Taiwanese baseball and fan base. My favorite pro baseball team called China Times Eagles Baseball Team dismissed because of that.

Since 1997, Star players who are from my favorite team have been came out to address their mistakes to young players after time or probation. During this ten years, they went back to one high school to teach young players how to play baseball. That high school team is not strong baseball team. Surprisingly, they help them win the second place in a high school tournament recently. Those high school players use their the passion to overcome lack of strong skill ability to beat tons of strong high school teams for that honor.

The photo is their celebration with supporters and their coach staff who are those star players from my favorite team (picture is from Taiwan UDN news). During the celebration, reporters speculate China Times Eagles Baseball Team may come back which will be a good news to me. Even though they all say it's premature for that but they will keep supporting and helping young players and enjoy playing baseball with right mind-set. Great News!!

Playing hard with passion is the most important thing for me when I watch baseball games. Yankees certainly can use that for 27th championship.


Todd Drew said...

This is very good news. I hope the Eagles are back playing very soon. Did they play near your home? Did you attend a lot of games? I have always considered myself lucky because I’ve always lived within blocks of the Stadium.

Jessica Lee said...

I hope so. Actually, In Taiwan, we also let one team belong to one city, but this kind of home/away system doesn't work too well in Taiwan because Taiwan is very small country. People don't always support their home team. By the way, home of my favorite team actually is very close to my hometown, but I went to different kinds of games because we don't support the same team in my family. We don't have this many games as MLB as well.