Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My ideal 2008 Yankees Roster barring injury

Starting Lineup......

1.Johnny Damon L/LF,DH,CF
2.Derek Jeter R/SS
3.Bobby Abrea L/RF
4.Alex Rodriguez R/3B
5.Hideki Matsui L/DH,LF,CF-his position in Japan
(10.Jason Giambi L/DH,1B)
6.Jorge Posada S/C
7.Robinson Cano L/2B
8.Shelley Duncan R/1B,RF
9.Melky Cabrera S/CF,LF

Option 1:Giambi and Matsui share DH spot

Option 2:Giambi play a little 1B(share with Shelley).When Giambi play 1B, I will move Giambi ahead of Cano.I like what I saw from Shelley Duncan last season.If Yankees let him play 1B full season,I believe he will be that right-hand power hitter yankees are looking for.Hopefully,Duncan off-season injury is not a issue any more.I don't think Giambi can be injury free when he play defense.

Option 3:Let Shelley Duncan play Right field and give Abrea some day off(especial face tough left hand pitcher).I think Shelley play well and has strong arm at right field.

Option 4:If Giambi produce and play well as DH(I believe Giambi will be big lift for Yankees in 2008 if they put him in DH spot all season and stay away from injury),Yankees can rotate Matsui,Damon and Melky on LF and CF and give one of them day off


11.Wilson Betemit S-better at Left hand/3B,SS,1B
12. Nick Green R/2B,3B,SS,1B-not much
(Alberto Gonzalez R/SS)
13.Jose Molina R/backup Catcher

I know Yankees sign a deal with Nick Green and Alberto Gonazlez has a hot winter league.If Nick Green doesn't make the team out of spring training,he can opt out the contract.I will choose either Nick Green or Alberto Gonazlez as backup infielder,but I prefer Nick Green because he can play many infielders positions,especially for 2B


14.Chien-Ming Wang
15.Mike Mussina/16.Ian Kennedy
17.Andy Pettitte
18.Phil Hughes/16.Ian Kennedy
19.Joba Chamberlain

First of all,I hope Yankees don't trade kids for Santana.I like what I saw from Kennedy,Hughes and Melky.I believe the total values from this trio are greater than Santana and let alone the big long term contract.

There are two reasons I won't use 6 man rotation.Firstly,We need to pitch Wang and Pettitte as much as We can.Of course,we always can replace Wang and Pettitte with 6th guy if they are tired and need some break.Secondly,all of them will lose their rhythm,especially there are a lot of off-dates on schedule as well.

I won't leave Joba in the bullpen.I want to know what Joba can do as a starter.If he can't do that and we always can move him back.I also believe Joba will have more healthy issue if we leave him in the bullpen.Let him get his rhythm as a starter is better for long term plan.I believe we can find our 2008 Joba in the bullpen from farm system

I will go into season with this rotation in this order.Firstly,Wang and Pettitte will give us innings,so we have to separate them.Secondly,Joba will be my no.5 starter and we can skip him with off dates in order to reduce his workload.Thirdly,I will let Kennedy stand by when Mussina pitch even though I believe Mussina will bounce back and have good season,especially 2008 will be his walk year.Fourthly,I will let Kennedy serve as long man or replace Hughes with Kennedy at times in order to reduce Hughes workload if Mussina pitch well


20.Mariano Rivera(Closer)
21.LaTroy Hawkins(Setup man)
22.Kyle Farnsworth(7-inning guy)
23.Jose Veras
24.Jonathan Albaladejo
25.Edwar Ramirez

First of all,I believe the only thing Cashman has to deal with the rest of off-season is bullpen.If he can sign some free agents or trade some guys for bullpen help at reasonable costs,it will be great.Otherwise,it will be smarter to find solutions from farm system,especially we have Girardi as our new manager.I believe Girardi can handle bullpen better than Torre.

Other bullpen choices......

Chase Wright/Kei Igawa:If we can't sign or trade a left hand relief,I don't think we have to have one in the bullpen.But,I definitely take a look at them in the spring training.

Jeff Karstens/Darrell Rasner:If we have injury from our rotation and need someone else to replace Kennedy as long man or Girardi need second long man in the bullpen,I will take a look at them in the spring training.

Ross Ohlendorf/Chris Britton/Scott Patterson:They can compete with Jose Veras,Jon Albaladejo and Edwar Ramirez.

Helps on the way......

Pitchers:Alan Horne,Jeffrey Marquez,Steve White,J.B. Cox,Humberto Sanchez
1B:Juan Miranda,maybe Eric Duncan
Outfielders:Austin Jackson,Brett Gardner

Others Prospects who are far away from major but worthy notice......

2B:Damon Sublett
Outfielders:Jose Tabata
Pitchers:Dellin Betances,Andrew Brackman,Mark Melancon,Brandon Laird,Kevin Whelan
Catchers:Jesus Montero,Francisco Cervelli

Guys,how about your opinion?Please feel free to express your opinion.How about other worthy-notice prospects I haven't mentioned?


Todd Drew said...

You’ve got it all covered. Humberto Sanchez’s rehab schedule should make him an option for the second half of the season in the bullpen and maybe even in the rotation. He grew up in this neighborhood and went to South Bronx High School. It will be a blast when he joins the team.

Jessica Lee said...

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Matt said...

I like joba in the pen until we find a better replacement for rivera who will probably retire in 3 years.

the rotation should be wang pettitte mussina huges kennedy

the twins are done with no santana there is no way they can compete with detroit or cleveland so maybe cashman can make a trade for joe nathan. with nathan then we can put joba in the rotation or you can have a 3 headed monster with rivera nathan and joba

Jessica Lee said...

I am fine with Joba in the pen as well, but the reason I want to put Joba in the No.5 spot because he has the least innings for 2008 and We can skip him if we need to.

Don't forget, it's very hard not to use Joba once he is in the pen. It will become very difficult to find out who is better option in the pen and move Joba back to starting rotation. If Joba don't do well as a starter, we always can move him back to the pen.

The reason I want to put the rotation in this order because we can prevent burning bullpen on back to back days if we seperate Wang and Pettitte.

I am thinking about Nathan as well, but I don't think Twins will trade Nathan to AL teams and Nathan will want to go to the team which he can be a closer. Of course, if Yankees can persuade him, it's another story. Keep in mind, Nathan will be 33 in 2008 and he will be on his last year of current contract. I don't think he want to wait three years to be a successor for Mo. You never know exactly when Mo will retire. I hope We don't have to face this. Even though Nathan can accept that, do you want to have another 37-year-old closer? I doubt. If we need to trade for bullpen help, I will choose Huston Street or Marte.

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