Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's Go Yankees

I love Yankees keeping kids,I can't predict the future and I believe everyone can't.I don't know how well kids will performance,but you don't how well Santana will performance too.There is not a sure thing in life.I always appreciate at their efforts from my favorite team instead of judging players by results.Guys,you have to enjoy the moment and process.Homegrown Yankees can bring priceless excitment.That's why I love to root homegrown yankees.


Todd Drew said...

Is that you on Peter’s blog? Don’t let those people bother you. Chien-Ming Wang is the ACE of this staff. He isn’t flashy and he doesn’t pump his fist so people sell him short. I’ve seen every start he’s made and I would put nothing past him. I expect him to be very determined this year. I think he will finish with at least 20 wins and his first Cy Young Award.

Ben said...

I agree. I think he probably pitched too many innings in 2007, but the Yankees would have been watching the playoffs without him.

Jessica Lee said...

You are right.The one on Peter's blog as Jessica is me.It's amazing for me how come you can figure out that was me.Ha!Thanks.I appreciate at your every word.I try not to let myself too emotionally because it is very hard for me to keep unbiased opinion on Wang for obvious reason.Sometimes,I question myself it's right or not whether what kind of opinion on Wang.That' why I try not to comment on Wang too much.