Monday, June 1, 2009

You win some and lose some

This is just the nature of baseball game. When we enjoy those walkoff wins so much, we will be the victim of walkoffs eventually one day. For me, it's about process. It's about how Yankees play this game. This is a great game to watch.

In the end, we know our bombers do their best to come back from 4 runs down to tie the game. I like their toughness. Our bombers are different than those other Yankees team we have watched the past few seasons. They may go down eventually, but they fight hard to make opponents earn their victory. I rather them lose this way than losing to Pavano.

The story of the game is Chien-Ming Wang. He takes another big step to prove the world he is ready. I know Yankees lose the game, but getting a proven winner with back to back 19 wins is so important to Yankees' championship run. As I keep saying, we need Wang back to his oldself. Right now, it is just matter of time for Wang to get back to rotation. When he builds up his arm strengths and pitching counts, he will be back.

Now, Phil Hughes doesn't pitch badly. I actually think he pitches better than his line. But, it is about result in the end. You can't say he pitches decently when he gives up 4 runs in 5IP, when you consider Indians lose their three best hitters in their lineup.

I understand Hughes and Joba are going through their expected growing pain. As I keep saying, Hughes and Joba will be sucessful starters in the big league one day. However, those back to back short outing will kill Yankees eventually when we get deeper in the summer for playoff run. that is the reason we need Wang back to this rotation. The deeper starters go, the better bullpen we will have.

Not to mention Yankees has a not so good bullpen now. Cashman really needs to bring more capable arms from our farm system while he tries to make a trade at the same time.

I know many people blaming Gardner, Coke and Robertson for this lost. Rookies make mistakes. If one of A-Rod, Cano and Posada can do their job they are supposed to do, we may win this one.


MJB said...

I don't like it when people blame one person for a loss in a team game like baseball. Lots of things happen over the 9 innings and, true, some seem more important than others. Ideally, the offense would only have to score 1 run to win because the pitchers held the other team scoreless. Of course, this rarely happens, but we don't blame every loss on just the pitcher(s).


Its true that everyone wants Hughes and Joba to go through their growing pains because we are all sure how great they will be some day in the future. That is a great plan...for the future. How about the Yankees winning the World Series in 2009? Joba and Hughes will have tons of experience by the end of the year...just in time to sit down because of their innings limits. We need Wang back in the rotation. He is more important to the team THIS YEAR. I'm all for the future (which looks bright with potential stars like Hughes and Joba)...but lets not forget there is a 2009 season to play.

Jessica Lee said...

I totally agree with you. I don't like the blame game. That being said, I feel sometimes veterans need to shoulder more responsibility.

As for Joba/Hughes/Wang issue, there are three problems for what you think.

Firstly, the way Hughes and Joba pitches will impact Cashman's legacy directly and how people view how well he has done for his job. He will give them chances to succeed as many as possible.

Secondly, Yankees front office like many fans and experts have doubts in their mind regard of Wang and his low strikeout rate. Every time he has some problems, they will immediately think, "is he done?"

Thirdly, the less chance Wang get this year, the less salary he will get for next year.