Monday, June 8, 2009

Joba vs TB(20th come from behind victory of 2009 season)

I can't keep watching this game. I need to go to bed. If Yankees can somehow end up with winning this game, Yankees have to thank two great defense plays. One is by Teixeira. The other is by Melky. Those two great defense plays at least save two runs for Yankees.

Let's Go Yankees!

OK! I am lying. I say I need to go to bed, but I can't. I don't want to turn the game off when Yankees is down. This team is different. You never can count them out. Guess what? I get another Yankees' rally. Mo is one out away from saving the game for Yankees. Guess what? The last batter he faces is Longoria.

Do you concern about Mo after yesterday game? If you do, shame on you. I don't. I guess Mo tells Girardi doesn't tell the greatest closer of the all time to walk anyone intentionally. The more I watch Girardi managing the game, the more I question whether Girardi can be a good manager for Yankees or not. and you?


Anonymous said...

This Yankees team does have something different about them compared to previous teams. They just seem to have a certain fire and a never give up attitude. As for Girardi, I think he can do a very good job as the manager, he has made some mistakes, but I like his style.

Jessica Lee said...

When Yankees decided to choose Girardi as manager, I was one of big supporters. However, the more I watch him to manage the team, the more questions I have. That being said, I am not one of persons totally like him or dislike him.

MJB said...

I think Girardi has potential as a manager. He doesn't have much experience yet. I think he tries to do too much. If he trusts his players a little more, I think he'll do fine. Or maybe he will always be this way, which I think will end his managing career with the Yankees if he cannot adapt. Only time will tell!

Jessica Lee said...

Good observation. Girardi really tries too hard and tries to do too much.