Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big game for Wang tomorrow

So much for taking pressure off Wang, right? After the way first game of this series goes, it only adds more pressure on Wang. Instead of commenting on this terrible first game, how about giving you guys the latest Q&A a Taiwanese reporter have with Wang.

Tomorrow game is the tough task for Wang. No doubt about that, especially when you consider how Wang pitches against Red Sox in his career and Wang is still on his way back to his old self. However, you will think Yankees is due to win a game against Red Sox, right? It will be so ironic that Wang win his first game of 2009 season and Yankees finally beat Red Sox.

Q: You must feel quite happy to go back to rotation,right?
A: Fine. It's ok because I haven't pitched well to secure a spot in the rotation.

Q: How to prove you are deserved to have a spot in the rotation?
A: Simple. Pitching at least 6 good innings for Yankees.

Q: What the biggest problem you have so far?
A: I can't get the key out when I need to

There are many more questions in this Q&A section in Taiwanese news. But, I only post key parts.


Anonymous said...

Wang is having a little boy! I found it on Hopefully he pitches well and then enjoys the birth of his child.

MJB said...

Big game for Wang again! Hope he gets it together. CBS sportsline and ESPN have him listed as Wednesday's starter after CC on Tuesday, but I thought the rotation had him before CC last time around. Must be because of the day off they want CC on schedule. Wang has got to win against the Nats...he has to!