Friday, June 5, 2009

Wang vs Rangers

12:22pm As I am waiting for Wang's game, it's amazing for me to hear so many people claim Wang is done, Hughes is on his way to win a Cy Young Award and what a bad move by Yankees. People tend to keep doubting Wang no matter what he does and not only don't give the benefit of doubt to him but also don't give the credit he deserves. Let us wait and see.

12:41pm Girardi hope Wang can give us 5-6 inning for his 75-80 pitching count.

1:12pm Good news for Wang to get first break. It's important not to let first guy get on base.

1:18pm Nice first inning for Wang with two strike outs. 13 pitches 9 Strike.

1:21pm It seems to me Wang has offense back him up. Yankees lead 1-0

1:28pm Teixeira has some weird game on the base path recently.

1:32pm Two more ground balls for Wang. Another good sign.

1:34pm One more strikeout to end 2nd inning for Wang. 23 pitches 15 Strikes. At this rate, Wang certainly can finish 6 innings. I guess Wang is back. What a big boost for bombers.

1:43pm It seems Rangers' pitcher has settle down as well. Meanwhile, Wang is in the mini jam.

1:50pm If Wang can get out of this inning when he only gives up one run, we will be fine.

1:53pm Well, Wang is in trouble. All things considered, giving two runs is not bad at all. Hopefully, our offense doesn't go on sleep two games in a row.

2:03pm It seems to me Wang has troubles with left hand hitters that is a problem he always has.

2:07pm Wang has more troubles here. Wang looks rusty and can't maintain his stuff when pitching count raises, but he certainly has his stuff back. When he makes his regular turn in the rotation, he will be fine. One more thing, Wang and Cervelli make adjustment too slow when Rangers hitters sit on Wang's sinker. When they realize and make adjustment, Wang gives up two more runs. I know Wang gives up 5 runs for 4.2 inning. But, the way he pitches is different from the way he pitches in April.

2:41pm Let see if bombers can pick him up.

2:42pm Bases are loaded with no one out. Swisher just walks in second run for Yankees.

2:45pm I think Michael Young at 3B just costs Rangers three run here. The ball Teixeira hits Michael Young should catch. Good hitting by A-Rod to give us the lead.

3:20pm Tie game again. I don't have a good feeling about this game because the game will be decided by who has better bullpen which is the weakest link of this Yankees team.

3:54pm Guess what? I forget Melky with his late inning magic. Let go Mo and close another series.

4:03pm Well, Mo is in trouble. I guess it is not that easy. This is the major league.

4:06pm Of course, Mo is Mo.

There are three important things I take out from today's game. First of all, the confidence this team has no matter what kind of situation they are in. If they get Wang into his old form and build up a healthy bullpen, we may be on our way to 27th title. Secondly, the nice bullpen work from everyone to allow offense to come from behind. Finally, the progress Wang shows to us today is good in my opinion. I believe he will get better each start.


Grace said...

The start against TEX, Wang's on 3-day rest, so I won't take this outing as the normal start.

However, his next start on regular rest will be in Boston, which is so important, if he pitch well, then he will be great, if he pitch ok, is okay, but if he pitch poorly, the NY media will harsh on him..

But Yankees need him back to his old self anyway, lose couple games to get him back to form, will be the cost they need to afford....

Jessica Lee said...

Wang has threw 2-3 innings out of bullpen before that 3-days rest start against Rangers, I don't think 3 days rest is a big factor for his performance.

Wang simply run out of gas after 50 pitches. He threw quite well before 50 pitches count. He just needs to build up his arm strength.

I agree with what you said regard Yankees need Wang to be back to his old self. However, I don't think many people have that patience to wait him to come back slowly (not me).

So many people assume he is done. Wang needs to show progress each time out in order to stay in the rotation.