Thursday, June 4, 2009

Andy vs Rangers

Wang is back to rotation and Hughes is in the bullpen. Yankees need to find out whether old Wang is back or not. Eventually, Yankees need Wang to back in form. To keep messing around Wang physically and mentally is not a right thing to do. As for Hughes, Yankees should send Hughes back to minor as a start to make sure we have an insurance for injury to one of our starters. That being said, it won't be a bad idea to put Hughes in the bullpen before Bruney and Marte come back.

Andy hasn't been able to command his pitches at low strike zone. Is his back ok? Hopefully, he is fine.

7:21pm Andy is in trouble immediately. first and third at 1 out.

7:28pm Andy is in bigger trouble. All things consider, it will be fine for Yankees if Andy only gives up 2 runs in this inning.

7:30pm Well, Three run is a little bit too much. But, as a starter, if this is only three runs Andy giving up, we will be fine. I just worry about Andy's back.

8:19pm What a turn around inning for Pettitte! After letting the first two guys to get on the base with no one out, he strike out the side to end the inning.

8:21pm Let us see if Swisher can get that run in with less than 2 outs.

9:25pm What a terrible game for A-Rod so far! Let see whether Yankees can come back to win this or not.

9:42pm Posada cut the deficit to 2 runs. There is the hope.

10:36pm Well. Big day for Wang tomorrow. If we can win tomorrow game, we will take another series which is fine. We can't win it all. But, I did concern about Pettitte's back. I believe Wang will perform well. However, Because the limit of pitching count(75-80), this game may be decided by the work from bullpen.

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