Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A setback for Wang

Wang plays catch before the game for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, Wang suffers a setback and will stop 4 more days.

When Wang suffers the injury on July 4th, Yankees coach staff and front office are more optimistic than Wang himself regard of the his return date. The same thing happened last season when Wang injured his right foot.

Hopefully, Wang can get healthy and come back to help us in time. However, Yankees can't count on him and need to get a back end starter to add the depth of rotation because Yankees will be in deep trouble if they lose another starter. I don't think we are able to get Roy Halladay. I also agree with Cashman not to pay twice. Don't get me wrong. Halladay is one of my favorite pitchers to watch. I like to have Halladay on Yankees team. The best thing can happen to us is Blue Jays to trade Halladay to a NL team.


MJB said...

I think the Yankees medical team totally screwed up Wang's rehab from the beginning. Oddly, it was because they were TOO cautious to not let him do his running. Then, when it was clear he had a problem, they rushed him back and he did poorly. Now his shoulder is hurt. I feel really bad for Wang. He had a great career ahead of him, hopefully, he still does!

I don't know who the Yankees can get. Washburn and Bedard are decent, and probably cheap, but I predict this might be a time Cashman surprises us with a move that nobody expects. Not a big move, but something that isn't being mentioned on most rumor mills. We'll see!

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