Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pettitte vs Orioles

8pm Hello, it's 8am in Taiwan. I just wake up and turn on the television. Pettitte is in the mini jam at the top of 3rd inning.

8:32pm Is it just me to feel this way? After coming back from All-star break, Yankees offense haven't wake up. I do think Tiger pitchers may have something to do with. And here comes another young pitcher they haven't seen before.

9:13pm Good job by Andy. But, Yankees need a strikeout to get out of jam.

9:14pm Wow! That is the real first baseman can do for you. I don't think Giambi will be able to do what Teixeira just did. Not to mention the way Molina hold on the ball.

9:16pm Wow! Wow! What a play by Molina and Coke for that wild pitch.

9:38pm Great job by Aceves. What about another walk-off win? Sound great for me.

9:47pm Just like a scriptplay. Hero is Matsui. However, don't forget two great plays by Teixeira, Molina and Coke.

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New York Yankee Blog said...

Matsui is a stud. Need I say more?