Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joba vs A's

9:12pm I wake up at the top of 7th inning when Matsui hit that ground ball to drive in A-Rod. Good ABC baseball

It seems Joba has another good outing.

9:44pm Great job from Coke to save two base runners Joba left on base.

9:45pm It's funny to see Mo's face after Posada hit that home run.

9:52pm It is hard to tell Swisher is safe or out. It looks like A's doesn't tag Swisher. But, I can see why A's manager is angry because throw beats Swisher so much.

9:55pm It looks like a right decision to sit down Mo immediately.

10:12pm Another win in the book for Yankees.


New York Yankee Blog said...

That is true, another win for the yankees. they are the best right?

New York Yankee Blog said...

Great posts that you put up. They are awesome.

Do you think you could add me to your blog roll?

New York Yankee Blog

That would be so cool.

Go Yanks!

Napoleon said...

The twist of the language in your blog is so refreshing. Is there any special reason you don't use the word 'the' much?