Monday, October 26, 2009

Yankees will win Game 6 of ALCS

I know you guys hate to see game 6 of ALCS getting rained out and move to today. I really think MLB should get rid of all off days except travel days. Those off days really cool off fans.

By the way, I just get my new job in Taiwan and start working tomorrow when Yankees play against Angels for game 6 at Yankees stadium. So, I can't be there for Yankees tomorrow. But, I have a hunch that our bombers will come through. Why? I have two reasons.

First of all, I truly believe I bring bad luck to my team. There is always some bad things happening when I watch. Every time I go to ball parks to watch games, it seems my team loses most of time. Do you guys remember game 5 when Hughes give up those 2 runs to Angels that eventually let Yankees lose that game? I just wake up and turn on TV. So, If I can't be there for Yankees tomorrow for Yankees, they will win that game.

Second reason comes from a playoff game I watched yesterday. I went to watch game 6 of Taiwan Series which is world Series of Taiwanese professional baseball league with my sister yesterday. My sister's favorite team is in that series. That game ends up playing 17 innings for 6 hours 14 minutes which is the longest playoff game in the world.(P.S. The longest playoff game in MLB is 5 hours 50 minutes. I think.) The point is my sister's favorite team wins that game. So, Yankees will be tomorrow as well.

Let's Go Yankees!


Anonymous said...

hi, jessica,
因為不知名的因素, 建民風臨時變更網址來不及通知大家

MJB said...

1 game away! Will it be tomorrow, or game 7??? Go ANDY!!

Jessica Lee said...






Jessica Lee said...

I really don't want to see Game 7. I have faith in Andy.

I just come back to Taiwan and get my job, so I won't be able to watch live game.

Hopefully, I can see news about how they celebrate the title after I get off my job tomorrow.